$1630 May Come Your Way When You Join All Jackpots Casino

All Jackpots Casino has a great Welcome Package for new players.  The package is worth as much as $1630.  We know that you are anxious to hear the details so here they are:

  • You’ll get a $5 no deposit bonus when you sign up to play at All Jackpots online casino.  With your bonus, you can begin the long journey through the over 700 games at All Jackpots.  All the information you send the casino is fully protected.  Protecting your privacy is priority one at All Jackpots.
  • In the first week after you sign up to play at All Jackpots, you will have the chance to receive deposit bonuses and free money with your first four deposits.  With your first deposit, you will get $10 free and a 100% matching deposit bonus for up to $250.  So, keep your first deposit to only $250!  There are more bonuses ahead!
  • For your second deposit, you will receive $15 free and a 50% matching deposit bonus for up to $250.  Again, keep your deposit at $250 to max out the bonus money; there’s much more to come!
  • When you make your third deposit, you’ll get a 50% deposit bonus for up to $500.
  • For your fourth deposit, All Jackpots online casino will add to your account another 50% deposit bonus, this time for up to $600.

The total Welcome Package comes to $1630!

Choose a Unique and Easily-Remembered Password

With so much bonus money, you will want to keep close tab of your All Jackpots account.  It’s easy; all you do is choose the All Jackpots casino login that suits you best.  It’s always a great inconvenience when you forget a password so to access your All Jackpots casino login choose a password that you don’t use anywhere else but is still easy for you to remember.

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700 Top Games Produced by Microgaming

All Jackpots runs Microgaming’s huge supply of games.  All Jackpots has over 700 games already online and adds more games every month.  The games can be divided into pokies, table games, video poker, and parlour games.

Pokies Galore

There are hundreds of pokies at All Jackpots Casino.  The most modern pokies are called video pokies.  They are categorized by their themes.  There are so many themes that every pokies lover can find a huge number of pokies to play again and again. 

Video pokies differ from the more old-fashioned pokies in a few important ways.  The older style of pokies had one pay line; video pokies have many more paylines.  Some have 9 paylines, some have 20 or more, and some have so many ways to win that they don’t use the term payline; these pokies have 243 ways to win!

Video pokies all have wild symbols and scatter symbols.  The wild symbols are like a joker or wild card in poker; they substitute for other symbols to make winning combinations.  Often a win with a wild symbol has a multiplier so you win even more!  In many video pokies, the wild symbol is stacked on one reel.  It may be stacked three-high or more.  Sometimes an entire reel will be stacked.

The scatter symbols often win when only two appear on a spin, unlike all the other symbols that require three to win.  Scatter symbols win in all positions.  Finally, scatter symbols send you to the bonus round where you may get free spins with multipliers or a chance to win big in a unique format in keeping with the theme of that specific game.

One important reason for the ongoing popularity of vide pokies is the excellent computer graphics now available.  Graphics, animation, and music quality play an important role in the overall appeal of any video pokies game.

Progressive Jackpots

There are 17 progressive jackpots at All Jackpots online casino.  These are mostly in pokies; Mega Moolah starts out with a $1,000,000 jackpot and goes up quickly from there!  Many other progressive jackpots reach seven figures before a lucky mate wins it and then the progressive dance begins anew.

Table Games

All Jackpots Casino offers many variations of blackjack and roulette, the two most popular online casino table games.  All Jackpots also offers a full range of other table games such as craps, baccarat, and many others.

Video Poker

Many players love poker but don’t like to be bluffed out of winning hands.  Video poker is the game of choice for such gamers!  All Jackpots offers about 50 varieties of video poker.

One less-known fact about video poker is that it usually has the highest payout percentage of any game at any casino!  This requires careful and correct play, of course.


The first promotion new gamers at All Jackpots learn about is the Welcome Package; but the promotions keep coming after you’ve become a regular player.  All Jackpots Casino may send you a promotional offer to you email account.  They may send a promotion as a pop-up on everyone’s screen.  These quickie promotions may be for free spins to selected pokies or they could be for deposit bonuses.  Many players wait until they see a promotion for deposit bonuses before they make a fresh deposit.  That way they play with All Jackpots’ money as much as they can.

Every month, All Jackpots Casino sponsors a month-long promotion in concert with the other casinos that belong to Jackpot Factory, a leading online casino group.  Sometimes Microgaming joins to promotion, thus raising the pot yet higher.  All Jackpots learned that many gamers are too busy to chase the leaders of a sprint type month-long promotion so All Jackpots runs monthly promotions that divide into weekly segments.  In addition, the rules of the promotion make it very easy to qualify to win.  In some months the rules are set up so that everyone wins!


All Jackpots offers many tournaments in many game categories.  Some tournaments have a small buy-in fee whilst others have no buy-in cost at all.  If you like high-speed gaming, the many tournaments offered are a great way to enjoy gaming at All Jackpots.

Loyalty Club

One of the best promotions at All Jackpots Casino is the Loyalty Club.  Every wager you make at All Jackpots is recorded and Loyalty Points are awarded depending on the game you bet on and the sum you bet.  In an average gaming session, players can accumulate many Loyalty Points.  These points can later be redeemed for cash usable at All Jackpots!

In addition to the convertible Loyalty Points, the Loyalty Club at All Jackpots has progressive levels.  Everyone starts out at the ground floor.  Based on your gaming you can move up in the Club quickly or more slowly.  At every level you go up in the Club you will be entitled to many extra benefits such as free spins or special deposit bonuses.

As we said when we discussed the Welcome Package and pop-up bonus offers, if you are moving up in the Loyalty Club, it might be a good idea to wait until you’ve reached a higher level before making another deposit.  The extra bonus might be very worthwhile!

VIP Club

The VIP Club is where gamers get the full pampering treatment from All Jackpots online casino.  The VIP Club is for true high rollers; All Jackpots will invite you to join the VIP Club and will shower you with benefits.  These may include concert tickets, trips, cruises, extra special deposit bonuses and much more. 

All Jackpots gives you a dedicated account manager who keeps track of your family events such as birthdays and anniversaries.  When there are births in the family, you will receive a special gift.

All Jackpots Mobile

One of the reasons online gaming has become so popular in recent years is because computer graphics continue to improve rapidly.  This technological improvement is especially felt in mobile casinos where the relatively small screen was once less attractive for gaming.

At All Jackpots Mobile Casino the graphics are so good that many gamers forget entirely that they are playing on a mobile device!

All Jackpots Mobile Casino works seamlessly with the parent casino.  All promotions, Loyalty Points, bonuses, and other activities count on the mobile casino as if you were playing on the parent casino.  This is an invaluable aspect of online gaming at All Jackpots; you can play when you’re on the go and everything you do is recorded as if you were at home playing in your pajamas!

Download or Instant Play

Online casinos have always offered a download option to place the casino directly on your hard drive.  As casinos got bigger, this became difficult for some computers so All Jackpots and others offered a no download platform. 

Now All Jackpots Casino offers a new no download method of playing.  It’s called instant play.  It means that all the games at All Jackpots are on the casino’s homepage.  To play you need only click on the game and it appears ready for you to play!  The differences between instant play and the previous no download platform are in playing speed and clarity.  Instant play offers a state of the art high definition interface, making instant play gaming fun, exciting, and visually stunning!


All Jackpots online casino offers two ways for you to learn how to play its many games: free play and tutorials.  There are so many games that All Jackpots realizes that gamers need time to learn the uniqueness of any game before they decide to play it.  This is where free play comes in.

But many gamers also like to read about the nuances of a game they want to play.  All Jackpots online casino offers in-depth tutorials on most of its games.  By studying the tutorials and playing in free play for a while, you can be confident of your betting decisions when you begin gaming for real money.

We said earlier that All Jackpots has many variations of blackjack and video poker.  For these popular games, the tutorials provide a great service to gamers.  The tutorials clearly explain the nuances of each game variation so you can play with supreme confidence.


Gaming online requires you to make cash deposits to an account at All Jackpots or at any other online casino you choose to gamble at.  So, the security of your money held at All Jackpots is of great importance both to you and also to All Jackpots.

To guarantee the security of your money and the privacy of all information you give to All Jackpots, the casino has a state-of-the-art encryption system similar to the type of encryption used by commercial banks.


Comfortable and convenient banking is also extremely important to you.  Whereas some gamers simply deposit using their credit card, many gamers prefer more private methods of depositing and withdrawing money.  Thus, All Jackpots Casino offers a very wide range of banking options so that every gamer can find the banking methods most suitable to them.

Customer Support

With a world-wide network of gamers it stands to reason that gamers might have questions.  All Jackpots never rests when it comes to trying to answer any and all questions their gamers may have.

Customer service is available on a 24/7/365 basis so you never have to wait until “after the weekend” or “after the holiday” to access customer service at All Jackpots Casino!

We Recommend All Jackpots Casino

All Jackpots Casino is a huge online casino that treats its many gamers as if they were the casino’s only customers.  From the easy All Jackpots casino login to the hundreds of games, the many promotions, the great Welcome Package worth up to $1630, to the safe and easy banking, All Jackpots Casino is an industry leader and a casino worthy of your interest.